Erik Cambria

Erik CambriaErik Cambria received his PhD in Computing Science and Mathematics in 2012 following the completion of an EPSRC project in collaboration with MIT Media Lab, which was selected as impact case study by the University of Stirling for the UK Research Excellence Framework (REF2014). After working at HP Labs India, Microsoft Research Asia, and NUS Temasek Labs, in 2014 he joined NTU, which is now one of the leading universities on AI research, as an Assistant Professor. His current affiliations include Rolls Royce, Delta, A*STAR, and MIT Synthetic Intelligence Lab. He is also Fellow of the Brain Sciences Foundation and SMIA. Dr Cambria is Associate Editor of many top-tier journals edited by Elsevier, e.g., INFFUS and KBS, Springer, e.g., AIRE and Cognitive Computation, and IEEE, e.g., CIM and Intelligent Systems, where he manages the Department of Affective Computing and Sentiment Analysis (fields in which he is now one of the most productive authors). He is also recipient of several awards, e.g., Emerald Citations of Excellence and Temasek Research Fellowship, and founder of SenticNet, a Singapore-based university spin-off offering B2B sentiment analysis services. Dr Cambria is involved in many international conferences as Workshop Organizer, e.g., ICDM and KDD, PC Member, e.g., AAAI and ACL, Program Chair, e.g., ELM and FLAIRS, and Keynote Speaker, e.g., CICLing.

GScholar h-index: 46
Scopus h-index: 30
SCI h-index: 17
Erdös no: 2

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